FDO3-BV3TF-3G(Triple eccentric butterfly valves)


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Pn10 / 16 / ANSI150 / JIS10k






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Product Detail

Triple eccentric butterfly valve is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical industry, water supply and drainage and municipal construction industrial pipelines with medium temperature ≤ 425 ℃ for regulating flow and carrying off fluid. Materials are divided into: cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel
API specifications
As we all know, API609 has in fact become the international specification of valves for industrial important pipelines. Tritec is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the latest 1997 edition of API609. What's more, the basic design of Tritec is not limited to API, bs5155, ANSI B 16.34, ASME sec VIII and other major specifications can be corresponding, which ensures that Tritec can be used in all industrial fields.
Dual security structure
In strict accordance with the specification requirements of API609, in order to prevent the deformation of butterfly plate, the dislocation of valve stem and the occlusion of sealing surface caused by the influence of fluid pressure and temperature, Tritec has installed two independent thrust rings on the upper and lower sides of the butterfly plate to ensure the normal operation of the valve under any working conditions;
At the same time, in order to prevent the sudden accident caused by the valve stem breakage and flying out caused by unknown reasons, the independent stem flying out prevention mechanism is designed at the inside and outside of the lower end of the valve, which ensures that the pressure level of Tritec can reach 2500 pounds.
No dead zone design
Tritec In the design process, special consideration is given to the application problems in the field of regulation and control. The sealing principle of triple eccentric butterfly valve is fully utilized. When the valve is opened and closed, the butterfly plate does not scratch the valve seat, and the torque of the valve stem is directly transmitted to the sealing surface through the butterfly plate. In other words, there is almost no friction between the butterfly plate and the valve seat This means that Tritec can enter the adjustable area from 0 to 90. Its normal control ratio is more than 2 times that of ordinary butterfly valve, and the maximum control ratio can be more than 100:1. This creates good conditions for the use of Tritec as a control valve, especially in large diameter, the cost of the stop valve is very high, in addition, the stop valve can not achieve zero leakage, in the case of emergency shutdown, it is necessary to install a shut-off valve on the side of the stop valve, and Tritec integrates control and shut-off, and its economic benefits are extremely considerable.

Intrinsic fire resistant structure
Many valves claim to have fire-resistant construction, but most of them adopt hard and soft double seat structure to reduce leakage, which is very dangerous. Because the incomplete combustion of soft seal valve seat in fire will make the metal support valve seat produce stress and temperature difference deformation, which will lead to the failure of fire resistant machine. Therefore, Europe and the United States are gradually eliminating this kind of fire-resistant valve which is not worthy of the name. Because of its zero leakage, tritrc does not need the help of soft seal. It is a true fire-resistant structure. It has obtained the fire-resistant inspection certificate of api607, api6fa and bs6755part2. This ensures that Tritec can be used in oil, petrochemical and other dangerous areas. In the conservative UK, where almost all the valves used in key parts of the North Sea oil field are covered by Tritec, this is the best example.
High packing structure
In terms of valve leakage, traditionally, the leakage of valve seat, i.e. internal leakage, is often focused on, while the leakage of packing part is ignored, that is, external leakage. In fact, in today's society where environmental problems are increasingly valued, it has become an indisputable fact that the harm of external leakage is far greater than that of internal leakage. Tritec triple eccentric butterfly valve is a rotary valve, and its stem action is only 90 ° rotation. Compared with gate valve, globe valve and other valve stem action for spiral multi rotation reciprocating motion, its packing part is subject to low wear degree and relatively long service life. Moreover, due to the highest standard design adopted by Tritec in packing seal and other external leakage prevention structures, it can be used in accordance with When the external leakage test is carried out under EPA 21 specification, the standard sealing performance is guaranteed to be below 100ppm

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