FCV01-W16(Wafer butterfly check valve)


Cl/ DI







Product Detail

wafer type dual disc check valve a save-energv product, is manufactured based on the foreign advanced technology and in accordance with relative international standards. This product is featured by excellentretaining performance, high safety and reliability and low flow resistance. It is suitable for systems in the indusries of petrochemical, food procedding, medicine, textile, paper-making, water supply and drainage, metallurgy, energy and lightin dustry ect used as a check valve in one way.

• Features

1,Small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, easy inmintenance.
2,Two torsion springs are used excepting on each of the pair valve plates, which close the plates quickly ankautomatically.
3,The quick-close action prevents the medium from flowing back 。
4,This valve is short in length, so that it is ngid and easy to mount.
5,*It is easy to install on pipeline which is laid horizontally or vertically.
6,This valve is tightly sealed, without leakage under the pressure water test.

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