FDO4-BV1-3L(High performance butterfly valve)












Gear box Operation

Product Detail

It has good thermal and cold insulation characteristics, and the valve diameter is consistent with the pipe diameter, and can effectively reduce the heat loss of medium in the pipeline. In order to transport high viscosity medium which will solidify at room temperature. According to the different structure of the valve, it is widely used in the system pipeline of urban construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, environmental protection and other industries.

1. High performance adjustable cut-off type. It can be used as both regulating valve and shut-off valve.
2. Two way sealing type, different from general one-way sealing, can be reliably sealed even when medium backflow or "air hammer" phenomenon occurs.
3. The valve body adopts integral casting technology with compact structure, small volume and light weight;
4. The double eccentric structure is adopted. When closing, the valve plate expands outward to achieve the best peripheral sealing state; when opening, the valve plate and the sealing ring are separated quickly to effectively prevent the wear of the sealing ring. In this way, the operating torque is reduced and the working life of the valve is increased.
5. The seal ring is novel in design and adopts advanced technology in the world: PTFE seal adopts "lip tooth" shape self sealing structure; hard seal adopts "U" shape elastic seal. The service life of the sealing structure is long and reliable. As for the conditions of soft seal and hard seal, it mainly depends on the user's requirements, service conditions and anti-corrosion requirements.

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