Advantages and disadvantages of butterfly valve

1. It is convenient and quick to open and close, with low fluid resistance and easy operation.
2. Simple structure, small size, short structure length, small volume, light weight, suitable for large caliber valve.
3. It can transport mud and store the least liquid at the pipe mouth.
4. Under low pressure, good sealing can be achieved.
5. Good regulation performance.
6. When the valve seat is fully open, the effective flow area of the valve seat channel is large and the fluid resistance is small.
7. The opening and closing torque is small, because the butterfly plates on both sides of the rotating shaft are basically equal to each other under the action of medium, and the direction of torque is opposite, so it is easier to open and close.
8. The sealing surface materials are generally rubber and plastic, so the low-pressure sealing performance is good.
9. Easy to install.
10. The operation is flexible and labor-saving. Manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic modes can be selected.
1. The range of working pressure and working temperature is small.
2. Poor sealing.
Butterfly valve can be divided into offset plate, vertical plate, inclined plate and lever type.
According to the sealing form, it can be soft sealing type and hard sealing type. The soft seal type generally adopts rubber ring seal, while the hard seal type usually adopts metal ring seal.
According to the connection type, it can be divided into flange connection and clamp connection; according to the transmission mode, it can be divided into manual, gear transmission, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric.

Post time: Dec-18-2020