Flange gasket (1)

Structure type of gasket

The flat gasket used in industry is generally composed of sealing element and inner and outer strong ring. The sealing element or gasket body is the key part to prevent leakage. The commonly used materials are non-metallic materials, such as flexible graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene, fiber reinforced rubber matrix composite board, etc. In addition, the sealing element material can also be rigid or flexible metal, which is usually used in the occasions with high pressure and temperature.

For the sealing elements of non-metallic materials, metal materials are usually inserted to strengthen them. At the same time, it is convenient to manufacture and process the sealing elements of fragile materials such as graphite. The reinforcing material can be metal sheet or wire mesh. The metal sheet often adopts the way of punching holes to improve the reinforcing effect and increase the elasticity, and they are bonded together by adhesive and rolling. The sealing element can also be provided with a surface layer or anti bonding treatment layer to increase the sealing effect and prevent the flange sealing surface from bonding.


The material of outer ring or outer ring is solid metal

1. Help to center the sealing element during installation;

2. Prevent the sealing element from being damaged due to excessive compression; prevent the gasket from blowing out and reduce the flange rotation, etc.

3. The outer ring is not in contact with the sealing medium, so it is not required to be resistant to medium corrosion, so it is often made of carbon steel. The outer strong ring can also be integrated with the sealing element, such as metal tooth gasket and wave tooth compound gasket.

4. If the inner ring or inner ring contacts with fluid, its material shall be able to resist the corrosion of sealing medium.

5. Prevent the gap between the sealing element and the vessel or pipe flange, so as to avoid the interference of the gap with the fluid flow and the resulting impact of the fluid on the gasket.

Post time: Apr-01-2021